Patterns. In so many ways the patterns that our lives follow can be helpful.

Living by schedules and routines ensures that things get done, that adulting takes place, and that at the end of the day we’ve added a check mark to all the necessary boxes of the never ending to-do lists.

Other times patterns, routines and schedules can be detrimental.

Sometimes we start to live as if we’re sleepwalking brainless zombies, merely going through the motions, but not really taking part in our lives.

Then there are the patterns, friend, that reveal to us our wounds in need of healing.

There are two examples, friend, that I can think of within my own life.

The first was the wound from childhood that I suffered by constantly being compared to my twin sister that left me feeling lacking.

As a result, into adulthood I found myself repeating this pattern; comparing myself to the people around me – whether it was accomplishment, beauty, ability, or any number of other points of comparison.

I felt perpetually unworthy, never quite feeling enough. Stuck in a perpetual pattern of trying to prove to myself and others that I was good enough.

Once I recognized this pattern, I was able to make strides to rectify this imbalance and see myself as worthy, just as I am, without having to prove myself to anyone.

The second wound I suffered when I was abandoned suddenly and inexplicably by my husband. This wound resulted in destructive dating habits.

I have sat in denial of patterns within my dating life for a long time, as well as my responsibility within the repetition.

The heartbreaks I suffered while trapped in this pattern I have blamed on the men who have passed through my life, a mere casualty of their mistakes and misdeeds.

What I had failed to realize, friend, is that this was just an indicator of yet another pattern that I was stuck in.

In each of these failed relationships I was the only common denominator. I was the one choosing these men who were emotionally, physically, or otherwise unavailable.

This pattern certainly wasn’t conscious. I really did think that in each relationship I was selecting and dating a totally different person, and while in some ways this is true, each man was unavailable to me for a myriad of reasons.

Why was I subconsciously selecting men as partners who were unavailable?

Because, dear friend, this was safe. This was a way of erecting a barrier around my heart and preventing myself from future injury. This was a way in which I was keeping myself at arms length from love, and the potential risks associated with such a risky venture.

Because, friend, ultimately it was my heart that was unavailable.

Yet, these choices consistently resulted in new self inflicted injuries of my heart.

I have consistently been repeating patterns which have prevented me from truly experiencing the love that I long for.

Friend, I tell you this so that you can potentially be aware of patterns in your own life that do not serve you.

Oftentimes we live as I did, believing we are a victim of our circumstances, and not recognizing our own responsibility in the choices we are making, and the patterns that we may be consciously or unconsciously repeating.

We find ourselves repeating patterns, not because they are good for us, but because they are comfortable, familiar, and known.

I was comfortable comparing myself to others and constantly working to prove that I was as good as those who surrounded me.

This feeling of inadequacy was well known to me. It spurred me to do more, to push myself further, to try harder… but in all of the wrong ways…

Particularly when it came to my relationships, which was just another place that I have found myself repeating diservising patterns.

Friend, we deserve more than the repetition of patterns merely because they are safe and comfortable, ignoring where healing needs to take place.

We deserve to grow and evolve, to step outside of the patterns and routines and schedules.

To be uncomfortable as we create something new, as we become something better, as we evolve beyond our patterns and heal that which requires healing.


Your Trusted Friend ❤

Let Go, Hold On

Every day we stand on a precipice.

Every day we make a decision to either whither back in fear, or to let go – take the step – and trust that we have wings to fly.

This was never so clear to me as it was yesterday as I watched a child trying to learn how to ride a bicycle.

Patiently her mom guided her on the bike, providing instructions, guidance, and a gentle push. After countless starts and stops I witnessed her find success.

She HAD it.

She was balanced on that two-wheeler, peddling her legs as fast as she could, and she FLEW.

One minute she’s not thinking, not focused on the fact that she’s balancing on a bike all on her own and then…


Fear got ahold of her.

She put her feet down, let go of the handle bars, and bailed off that bike.


but, friend, SHE HAD IT!

She had it until she thought about it and let fear distract her from what she was doing and where she was going.

The bike didn’t fail, there were no distractions to disrupt her path, no one to discourage or dissuade her.

Friend, I saw her face and I recognized the fear on it. I recognized the moment when she lost faith and trust in herself and she gave up.

I recognized it, because I have been there.

We’ve all been there.

We’ve stood on the precipice of… something…

A job change, a new relationship or adventure, a move, something that lurked outside of our cozy comfort zones, something that caused us to question ourselves in some way…

and we’ve put our feet down, let go of the handle bars, and bailed.

We’ve let fear distract us from where we were going and what we were doing.

Worse, we’ve lost faith and trust in ourselves and we’ve given up.

Maybe I speak too boldly, assuming others suffer from the same debilitating fear that I do, but I don’t think so… and if this resonates with you at all, friend, I invite you to let go with me.

Let go of the fear, the worry, the anxiety and insecurity.

Let go of the doubt, the uncertainty, the hesitation, and anything that holds you back and prevents you from grabbing hold off whatever it is you are afraid to grasp.

That little girl was afraid to maintain her hold on that bicycle. Afraid she’d fall and fail.

As soon as she let go of the fear, and – instead – held onto the handlebars she was free to go wherever she wanted.

And she did.

I’m going to follow her path.

Friend, let’s let go, take the step, and fly.


Your Trusted Friend ❤

Draw the Damn Boundaries

Friend, up until recently I was unaware of the importance of boundary setting in my personal relationships.

I am sad to admit that I permitted people to treat me in ways in which I would not even admit to my closest of friends and family.

Fear kept me from using my voice, from speaking up and being clear about how I wanted to be treated. How I felt that I deserved to be treated.

I was afraid that if I used my voice that I would be rejected or abandoned. I was afraid that I would be perceived as needy or unsympathetic.

So, instead of using my voice. I made excuses.

She yelled at me because she’s having a bad day.

He cheated on me because he is insecure.

She didn’t show up because her life is so busy.

He lied to me because he didn’t want to hurt my feelings.

These excuses MAY have merit. However, that doesn’t negate the fact that in each of these circumstances I was not treated in a way worthy of my time, effort, energy, emotions, or needs.

In each of these situations it was OKAY that I was NOT okay.

All these excuses did was place another person’s feelings above my own personal well-being.

Now I am refusing to put up with behavior that is disrespectful to me, and I have established my personal boundaries of what is and is not acceptable.

Speaking my boundaries serves to raise my personal value, additionally it demands that if others want to occupy space in my life they need to respect my time, emotions, and needs.

These are necessary things to establish. If I fail to establish these boundaries with others, how will they know how to treat me? How will others know how to care for and love me?

Furthermore, how can I truly experience a genuine, loving connections if I don’t allow myself to be loved in a manner I am worthy of?

The only way that this can happen, is if I speak my needs, wants, and desires into existence and voice when my personal boundaries have been crossed.

If someone hurts me, takes advantage of me, takes me for granted, is insensitive, rude, or fails to value me, it is my responsibility to speak up.

Space in my life is valuable, and if you want to occupy a portion of that space you better rise the f*ck up, because I no longer have time, energy, or f*cks to waste on takers, manipulators, or liars.

If showing you my boundaries freaks you out or makes you feel I am demanding or needy – there is the damn door.

Friend, for so long I have valued others in my life over myself. I own this error in my logic and am making conscious choices and decisions to make the changes necessary.

I, my friend, am drawing the damn boundaries and, you know what, it feels good. It feels good to see my worth and to speak my needs, wants, and desires to those around me.

We want to know how to meet the needs of those around us, therefore, we can assume that to those that we matter to, they ALSO want to know how to meet our needs.

How can they do this unless we speak.

So, let’s speak up. Let’s take care of ourselves.

Let’s love ourselves better, and demand a love worthy of us in return.


Your Trusted Friend ❤️

Joy in Uncertainty

Friend, so often we spend our moments looking forward to what will be, or looking backward to what was. We fail to find joy in all the moments that we find ourselves in, neglecting to enjoy them until they’ve slipped away.

Find joy in uncertainty – in the unknown, anxious moments, the ones where you’re not sure how it’ll all end up. Find joy in the moments where the only part of your path that is illuminated is the current step you’re taking.

In these anxious moments one thing is always certain, friend –


Have faith in yourself. In your own inner power, persistence, and perseverance. Have faith in your ability to get through the moments of uncertainty.

No matter where you start, friend, whether it’s a new job, new relationship, new hobby, new experience… anything that pushes you outside of your comfort zone… will always invite discomfort, anxiety, and nervousness.

To embark on anything that is unknown can be scary.

In this, though, we should find joy. Pause and enjoy the fact that a part of new experiences is this uncertainty.

Also, friend, know that eventually this time, this phase, will pass.

There will be a time when the situation you are in now will make sense, be known and secure, there will be a time when you will have comfort.

In this space of comfort, also, find joy in it. Find joy in the known, in the predictable, and safe. For, it too, is but a brief season.

The more we can find joy in all of these moments, those that are uncertain and those that are certain, the more happiness and contentment we will experience overall.

Right now, friend, I sit in a space of continued healing and growth, fully embracing the transitory period that I now find myself in.

I’m choosing joy in the growth.

Let’s always try to find joy in the places we find ourselves and embrace where we are, as we continue to grow.


Your Trusted Friend ❤️

A Forever Love

Friend, do you ever stop to watch people?

Perhaps you even create narratives in your head of who these people are and how they go about their day.

How fascinating it is to envision the mysterious lives of the strangers around us.

To wonder.

Recently I watched a beautiful couple listening to music.

She was leaned back into her husband’s chest who stood behind her. His hands were on her hips, hers on his while they swayed together.

They were probably in their 60s and still looked very much in love, enjoying one another’s company and their surrounding environment.

I watched them sway together and I couldn’t help but think, “That’s it. That’s what I want.”

Really, what I wanted was my perception of the image this couple projected.

I saw a couple that had been together years.

Shared a life together. Raised children together. Supported one another.

Who through all of life’s challenges and the changes wrought by time and transitions,

Still loved and found joy in one another.

Still experienced life together.

Still looked forward to one another.

Still touched one another.

Still had eyes that twinkled when their eyes met across a room.

Friend, this is the type of relationship we should strive for.

One that can grow up as we do. One that expands and evolves with us. One that never stops finding joy. One that encourages us along our evolution. One that gives us space grow as an individual.

Someone who can be a home in which we will always feel safe, secure, and comfortable to be who we want to be. Who we are meant to be.

Until then, friend, we need to enjoy being alone as we wait on this. Invest in ourselves.

Not in stuff or things, but in our personal wellness and growth.

How can we find happiness within ourselves that isn’t dependent upon external factors? How can we find joy in simple moments and pleasures? How can we remain calm in the midst of turmoil and struggles? How can we master communicating our needs, desires, and thoughts while remaining receptive to those of another?

For now that’s my goal.

Perhaps these are things you can work on with me as we wait for someone who will dance with us when our skin is wrinkled and our hair is grey?


Your Trusted Friend ❤

The Other Side of Heartbreak

Friend, I have known heartbreak and devastation, pain and loss. I have known what it is to be ripped apart, not certain if I would make it back together again.

Once upon a time, friend, I was married and I believed in fairy tales and happily ever afters. I believed in romance, forever, and true love. I believed that someone had chosen me and that that was it.

Only it wasn’t.

There was a moment, friend, where I felt like a failure, where I didn’t know how I would go on. There were thoughts of taking my own life, that is how much the grief hurt, and how much I desperately doubted my ability to navigate through it.

In this moment, friend, I nearly did something that could never be taken back or erased.

I took the pill bottles out of the cupboard and lined them up on my dresser. My intent was to take them all and to fall asleep… and to not wake up. That idea seemed much more preferable then waking up and living in the pain, hurt, disappointment, rejection, and heartbreak.

This isn’t something I tell you to inspire pity, or to receive condolences, or well-intentioned affirmations.

I have made it to the other side of this grief and have a firm understanding that a life lived will never be one devoid of heartbreak.

There may never be a reason that makes sense to me for why this happened. However, there was an opportunity to learn a lesson.

What I have learned on the other side of pain, is that being ripped apart at the seams allowed me to stitch myself back together anew. The seams will never line up precisely the same, but that doesn’t mean that this new version of me doesn’t fit, and in so many ways I’m better for the things I have experienced.

On the other side of pain and heartbreak I have learned that I can survive… but, not only that, thrive… and, friend, I was prepared.

This lesson in heartbreak was essential for, friend, it taught me that I can be broken and put back together.

I’ve suffered other hurts since this devastating moment, perhaps ones that hurt to my core even more than the breakup of my marriage… but they didn’t tear me apart in the same way.

They didn’t tear me apart, for I learned a long time ago that the pain is only temporarily unbearable and will, eventually, become something that I can live with and grow through.

The lessons from heartbreak have become a background noise of my life. Thrumming and humming and allowing me to better appreciate the moments of magic as they’ve come.

Pain has cleared space for a new capacity of joy, and for that I am eternally grateful.

So, friend, if you ever find yourself in these dark moments – the ones you’re not sure you can navigate through to the other side – please have faith in yourself and, even though you can’t see it yet, the happiness that awaits you.


Your Trusted Friend ❤


Friend, we often wait on all of the wrong things.

How often have you found yourself in a relationship where it’s based off of your hope of what will be, and not on what is?

You see the potential in this person before you, and so you wait for this potential to come to fruition.

You wait for things to get better, for things to improve, to receive the love you deserve, to live the life you desire.

These are not the things we should wait on, friend.

Don’t wait for someone to become different or to change.

Don’t sit in unhappiness, waiting for things to get better.

Don’t wait for the apology that may or may not come.

Don’t wait for restitution.

Don’t wait to feel loved, desired, or wanted.

Because before you know it, time will have gone by and all you’ll have done is waited for someone who was never worth this wait, and now that time is wasted and squandered on someone undeserving.

Don’t wait.

Free yourself from this waiting, and allow people into your life that have already arrived.

Instead, choose you. Live the life now that you want. Love yourself the way that you deserve, take the time to sit with yourself, and wait for the right things and people to enter into your space.

These are the things that we should wait on.

Wait for someone who truly takes the time to see and know you.

Wait for kindness and simple gestures.

Wait for someone who inspires you.

Wait for someone who has as much to give as you do.

Wait for someone who is genuine, honest and real.

Wait for someone who never leaves you in doubt or agony of your place.

Live your life, now, friend, doing and being all of the things that you desire, and ensure that those you invite with you on this journey are worthy of this time investment. These people should already embody those things you admire and desire, not just the potential of them.

When in wait it should never be about neglecting yourself in hopes of what another will accomplish, do, or become.

Choose you, friend.


Your Trusted Friend ❤