The Clever Confidante

Hello Friend,

Started in 2019 as a place for soul searchers, life lovers, and persistent learners to find meaningful words from a friend. A place created to ensure that none will feel alone in whatever circumstances they encounter.

A place for conversation, for connection, for understanding.

Here you will find words about life, love, and happiness and my own experiences and realizations, insights, and lessons learned.

I am an admirer of words and their power, a lover of books. Mother of one, teacher of many as a high school English teacher. My background is that of an educator and mentor.

This place began after a student told me that I should write a book offering my advice and insight. This isn’t a book, but it has become a safe space for me to speak with you as a friend. A trusted friend.

Open to sharing my life’s ups and downs to connect with others and ensure that no one feels that they’re struggling alone. I’ve navigated heartbreak after heartbreak, yet still find myself hopeful, invigorated, and finding joy in the numerous joys that this life has to offer.

Passionate about ensuring that every person feels as though they belong and are accepted just as they are. Also not afraid to offer a ‘truth bomb’ when necessary – or to share my own successes, failures embarrassments, and lessons learned from a life lived.

Please follow my blog as I add more insights. You can also find me on instagram.


Your Trusted Friend ♥

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