Bread Crumbs

Our hearts, our energy, and our time are valuable commodities. We need to be particular about those people who we let share space in these golden spaces, because the people that we invite in become a part of us.

When we invite people who are unwilling to meet is equally, we diminish our own worth. We settle. We allow breadcrumbs to be enough.

Friend, do not go all the way in with someone who is only willing to go part way.

During this time it might be easy to settle for bread crumbs, as at least we have somethingsomeone. It’s easy to put aside what we desire, want, and need when there is uncertainty regarding its attainability.

However, friend, if we do settle, we give a part of ourselves away. We allow the deepest parts of ourselves to be viewed and observed by someone who isn’t able to fully appreciate the magnificence of the view.

By doing so, we only serve to injure ourselves. Settling for mediocre isn’t worth the pain, when all we need to do is wait.

Wait for someone who will go all the way with you, and for you. You deserve nothing less than that.

Keep opening your heart, don’t fear taking risks, continue feeling…

but, friend, be ready to say no to maybes, to indecision, to anyone only coming part way, and to anything that is less than a hell yes.


Your Trusted Friend ❤

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