A Poor Shopper

“Hungry people make poor shoppers”.

We’ve all been the person in the grocery store, grabbing all the things we don’t need because we are shopping hungry – leaving the grocery store with chips, cookies, pastries, and all the sweet and salty goodies we crave when we go too long without properly fueling our bodies.

The same is true when we are hungry for love and approval.

There is danger in not tending to our own hearts, investing in our sense of self worth, and when we fail to fill the voids in us and – instead – look for for validation from external sources.

We ‘shop hungry’, settling for crumbs of attention, bits of time, and limited connection.

Instead, we should wait for the whole meal… but when we’re hungry… we don’t always make the best of choices.

We grab the crap and gobble it down.

When we crave love we will settle for scraps, permitting people to treat us poorly, often even making excuses for them out of our deep longing

Maybe we even try to fix and repair ourselves, hoping that the end result will be the love that we so desperately crave.

Because when you shop hungry, you buy crap.

How do we ensure we’re not looking for love and approval in the wrong places…

Thinking that the bare minimum of respect is sufficient, making excuses for all the gaps and leaks in the facade, ignoring the red flags?

We tend our wounds. We learn to love and accept ourselves… and, maybe, we seek professional help to teach us and guide us when we’re lost and floundering.

If you’re full of self love and aware of your own worth you’ll pass on the crap, you’ll pass and wait on something truly delectable.

You’ll recognize that the junk isn’t good for you, and you’ll make better choices.

Your Trusted Friend ❤️

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