A Forever Love

Friend, do you ever stop to watch people?

Perhaps you even create narratives in your head of who these people are and how they go about their day.

How fascinating it is to envision the mysterious lives of the strangers around us.

To wonder.

Recently I watched a beautiful couple listening to music.

She leaned back into her husband’s chest who stood behind her. His hands were on her hips, hers on his while they swayed together.

They were probably in their 60s and still looked very much in love, enjoying one another’s company and their surrounding environment.

I watched them sway together and I couldn’t help but think, “That’s it. That’s what I want.”

Really, what I wanted was my perception of the image this couple projected.

I saw a couple that had been together for years.

Shared life together. Raised children together. Supported one another.

Who through all of life’s challenges and the changes wrought by time and transitions,

Still loved and found joy in one another.

Still experienced life together.

Still looked forward to one another.

Still touched one another.

Still had eyes that twinkled when their eyes met across a room.

Friend, this is the type of relationship we should strive for.

One that can grow up as we do. One that expands and evolves with us. One that never stops finding joy. One that encourages us along our evolution. One that gives us space to grow as an individual.

Someone who can be a home in which we will always feel safe, secure, and comfortable to be who we want to be. Who we are meant to be.

Until then, friend, we need to enjoy being alone as we wait on this. Invest in ourselves.

Not in stuff or things, but in our personal wellness and growth.

How can we find happiness within ourselves that isn’t dependent upon external factors? How can we find joy in simple moments and pleasures? How can we remain calm in the midst of turmoil and struggles? How can we master communicating our needs, desires, and thoughts while remaining receptive to those of another?

For now, that’s my goal.

Perhaps these are things you can work on with me as we wait for someone who will dance with us when our skin is wrinkled and our hair is grey?


Your Trusted Friend ❤

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