Joy in Uncertainty

Friend, so often we spend our moments looking forward to what will be, or looking backward to what was.

We fail to find joy in all the moments that we find ourselves in, neglecting to enjoy them until they’ve slipped away.

Find joy in uncertainty – in the unknown, anxious moments, the ones where you’re not sure how it’ll all end up. Find joy in the moments where the only part of the path that is illuminated is the current step you’re taking.

In these anxious moments one thing is always certain, friend –


Have faith in yourself. In your own inner power, persistence, and perseverance. Have faith in your ability to get through the moments of uncertainty.

No matter where you start, friend, whether it’s a new job, new relationship, a new hobby, new experience… anything that pushes you outside of your comfort zone… will always invite discomfort, anxiety, and nervousness.

To embark on anything that is unknown can be scary.

In this, though, we should find joy. Pause and enjoy the fact that a part of new experiences is this uncertainty.

Also, friend, know that eventually this time, this phase, will pass.

There will be a time when the situation you are in now in will make sense, be known and secure, there will be a time when you will have comfort.

In this space of comfort, also, find joy in it. Find joy in the known, in the predictable, and safe. For, it too, is but a brief season.

The more we can find joy in all of these moments, those that are uncertain and those that are certain, the more happiness and contentment we will experience overall.

Right now, friend, I sit in a space of continued healing and growth, fully embracing the transitory period that I now find myself in.

I’m choosing joy in the growth.

Let’s always try to find joy in the places we find ourselves and embrace where we are, as we continue to grow.


Your Trusted Friend ❤️

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