To Matter

You asked me today if you mattered,

and, to be perfectly honest,

I wanted to punch you in your damn face.

You asked me if you made a difference,

and I felt my body begin to shake.

For, of all the things you’ve done,

There is one thing that you have clearly won.

And that is my deepest, heartfelt respect and thanks.

You may wonder why, or when.

Maybe it was that one time

that you made me laugh through my tears.

Or when you called to assuage my fears.

So, I wonder, how is it you can look me in the face

and ask me of your place?

It’s here, though maybe it might seem small.

I hold you here, and think of you

in the midst of a rotten ass day.

So, you come to me with these stupid, silly questions

Thinking the world too big and vast for you to conquer

And, to be perfectly honest,

Maybe it is. Maybe it is.

Unless, unless, you see my heart as your world,

If so, then know, that is where you’ll live –

Like a giant encased in glass,

Because of all you give.

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