Stay Grounded

I found myself in tears last night, friend.

There was a prevailing sense of hopelessness and anxiety as I went out and about yesterday. Not my emotions, but those of others.

I felt them crashing upon me like waves.

So many people are feeling stress, hopelessness, and despair.

These feelings seem to be contagious, for I felt them.

In my return home I felt the weight of them.

This morning they were still there, lumbering on my heart.

It struck me the rightness in allowing myself to feel them, but in also finding a way to let them go – for they are not mine and, as a friend told me, “You deserve to be free.”

So, today I am allowing these emotions to drift through me and I am letting them go.

For friend, if I allow myself to to feel despair, hopelessness, and helplessness these things will become my reality.

I am none of these things.

While I allow all feelings space, I do not allow all feelings to stay.

Feelings serve as a signal to check in with ourselves. They are neither good nor bad in and of themselves.

It is how we allow these emotions to take root in us, and how react to them that creates our reality and can be labeled as good or bad.

When you feel anger, do you allow it to burrow deep within you and burst out on someone unsuspecting who bumped into you in the hallway?

Or, do you let that anger spur you to stand up for someone or something that can’t speak for themselves.

You decide, no one else, on how those emotions are going to move through you and if you’re going to allow them to take root or not.

Choose to be an observer, choose your actions accordingly, and then – friend – let them go.

Feelings do have a purpose. It is our job, as a good friend said to me, to acknowledge the feelings as they pass through – “like clouds that shape shift in the sky as we lay grounded safely on the hillside”.

Stay grounded with me, friend.


Your Trusted Friend ❤

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