Precious Stone


Stay hopeful, please.

When you’re in the dark so long it’s easy to forget what the light feels and looks like.

Easier still to feel that you’ll never see it again.

It’s easy for me to remind you that you will see it again and to ask you to have faith.

Words can fall short of what we need or want in situations where we feel alone.

I wish I could climb down into the darkness with you, wrap you in my arms, and let my light bloom around and over you.

If I could I would.

What I can offer you are words and empathy, which I know is a small thing.

Can we pretend that I am sitting there with you?

If so, I’d tell you to close your eyes and take a deep breath.

Hold it for just a moment.

Then, slowly, let it go.

When I’ve been in my darkest moments, friend, sometimes that feels like all I can do.

Just breath.

Breath and hold on.

I’ve been in dark moments, ones that broke me to what I thought was beyond repair.

Ugly shower cries, mascara stained pillows, too many days spent in bed without a shower.

All the while wondering how I would muster the energy and the resilience to go on.

I felt the darkness press in all around me, suffocating me.

Then I breathed, and I kept breathing.

Very slowly I picked up all the pieces of me and fit them back together as best that I could.

Initially it was a patchwork job, but friend, over time I’ve sanded the edges and filled the cracks and this person that I am has been made a masterpiece because of the darkness I’ve visited and survived.

Life can feel sometimes like you are facing a fire breathing dragon with nothing to defend yourself with.

You’re forced to stand and take the brunt force of the fury of the beast full on.

Miraculously, though, when the fire is spent, you’re still standing.

You’re still standing.

What happens to a precious stone when exposed to heat?

It is made more beautiful.

You, my friend, are a precious stone being refined, altered, and changed.

Once through this you too will be even more beautiful.

Until then, though, I’ll be here.


Your Trusted Friend ❤️

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