To Bloom

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unplash

Someone recently asked me about a past experience, one that for a long time I had carried a great deal of shame about, one in which I often sat in judgment.

I thought that I should have done something differently or known better.

It struck me that to sit in shame or judgment robs me of appreciating the person that the wounds grew me into.

For it is often our darkest moments that remove the layers of programming and expectation and reveal to us who we are and what we want.

It is when we sit in the discomfort and take the close look through the cracks at what lies within that shows us where we need to make the space for growth.

Just as a flower to reach its full potential requires fertilizer in order to bloom, so do we.

We need the shit.

Not to wallow in it or regret it, but to take the nutrients necessary in order to become unmade.

To burst through the seed state and grow into what we are meant to be.

The first thing a seed has to do is burst open, then it needs to take root in order for it to grow and bloom.

But, first, it requires some shit.

A flower doesn’t judge itself for this, nor should we.

But instead, celebrate the opportunity to bloom.


Your Trusted Friend ❤︎

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