Give Yourself Permission

Photo by Klara Kulikova on Unsplash

Give yourself permission to let go.

When I think of letting go, friend, I think of two ways in which one can release.

Some things we grasp hold tightly because we know once we let go, once we stop trying, grasping, or clinging – whatever is in our grasp will disappear or leave.

So we hold on with a white knuckle grip and clenched teeth and we fight, often finding honor in the willingness to fight so hard and suffer in our relentlessness.

Instead, though, what we are actually doing is diverting energy, attention, and focus onto something that should be released. Something we should let go of in order to free space and make room for something else.

There is no honor or nobility in the white-knuckling, only blind stubbornness.

When we cling to ideas, dreams, or people after we’ve outgrown them because we’re afraid of letting go, of what comes next, we are cheating ourselves of our next evolution.

So, first, there are things that must be released in order to purge them. Other times we must release in order to flow. We must stop trying to control, fight, manage or manipulate and – instead – ride the momentum.

Sometimes there are things that need to be eradicated, dismissed, or erased because they do not serve us and who we are becoming.

And sometimes we just need to let go of control and let it be the momentum that drives us forward, the wind that fills our sails, the current that takes us downstream.

This is the type of release that creates space to flow with what comes easily while holding the rudder to avoid pitfalls and the river bank – but first we must push off the dock.

This is the release that allows the kite to dance on the wind while holding the kite string – but first, we must let go of the kite.

This requires the wisdom and understanding that we do not direct the current or the way in which the wind blows, but we do have to decide and then allow ourselves to be carried and guided.

So, give yourself permission to let go.

Your Trusted Friend ❤︎

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