It’s Just a Detour

There have been many endings in my life that initially felt cataclysmic.

Not getting into the college I’d dreamed of attending.

Break-ups with lovers that I’d believed would last forever.

Jobs I’d applied for that seemed a perfect fit passed me over.

All things I wrapped my hope and vision of my future around that prematurely ended leaving me devastated and lost.

However, once I got on the other side of these endings and found myself somewhere new I realized that none of these endings were roadblocks, they were detours.

So, now I’ve learned to see endings as new opportunities.

This doesn’t diminish the pain that endings can bring, but it does provide some comfort as I work through the accompanying feelings that tend to come with an unexpected detour toward embracing optimism and curiosity.

Perhaps one path has reached its natural end, but I’ve just been shown that another path awaits me, even if only one step is illuminated before me at a time.

I’m good at planning and dreaming of the route I’d like my life to follow.

Letting go of my attachment to these plans has been vital as I’ve found myself at detours that brought me miracles I was only able to create because of the endings.

Now I can celebrate new beginnings and the possibilities that they bring all because of an unexpected detour.


Your Trusted Friend 🖤

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