Love Yourself More

“I love you, but I love me more.”

Television can be a great place for inspiration fodder.

This is said by Samantha Jones in Sex and the City when she is forced to make a hard decision in love.

With these words, she demonstrates that when you love yourself more it means that you will love a person to the best of your ability while still making self-care a priority.

Because we are able to support and care for others without sacrificing our own well-being.

It means you’re strong enough to support, love, and care for another person, but independent enough to walk away when you need to.

In action, it means that you can be a Samantha when called for.

Self-love isn’t only important in romantic relationships – it’s crucial for all aspects of our lives.

When we prioritize self-love, we’re putting ourselves first in a healthy way.

This doesn’t mean that we’re selfish or self-centered – it means that we recognize our own worth and value and are willing to invest in our own happiness and well-being.

It can take many forms, from practicing self-care to setting boundaries and saying no when we need to.

Ultimately, when we love ourselves more, we’re able to love others in a healthy way.

A lot of decisions could be made more clear by applying this statement to our own lives and loving ourselves more.

Loving yourself more should serve as a blueprint for making choices that guarantee your own health, happiness, and well-being.

A love worth staying for will never ask you to abandon yourself.

Love yourself more.

Your Trusted Friend  ❤︎

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