Practice Patience

Friend, so much of our ability to remain patient depends upon our ability to practice being hopeful, to believe that in everything there is a reason and that all detours, setbacks, and heartbreaks are – in reality – preparing you for something better.

Something greater.

I am not the most patient person.

Nope, I’m the kind that wants to read the last page of a book to see how it ends.

Not just fiction, but real life as well. I can admit that I’ve pushed many relationships to the breaking point by trying to rush to the finish line.

To push to define what we are, and where we are going.

This doesn’t just happen in my personal relationships, but also when I face any obstacle. There is this almost desperate need to know why.

Where is this leading?

To push through the difficulty as quickly as possible and to reach the finish line, to learn the lesson, earn the prize, and reach the next level.

For our growth does not come in the calm, it comes when we are under pressures.

Perhaps, friend, we need to stop, breath, and take notice of these situations more – instead of, like me – trying to barrel our way through them?

It’s been a lesson to learn to feel all the feels, to let sadness just like happiness flow through me and to have equal respect paid.

This same lesson could be applied to life experiences as well, to give respect and time to dishevel, disruption, and destruction.

For these times tear us down.

They break us, and then we build brand new.

This understanding, that hard things create and mold us, will bolster us, friend, and provide us the patience, grace, and strength that we need to preserver and – just maybe – the ability to savor these moments for what they have to teach us.

All of this requires our patience, to not always try to rush and escape the hard stuff in order to get to the good.

Friend, the good IS coming, trust that, but right now we have to sit in the bad and not try to skip through to the end of the book.


Your Trusted Friend ❤️

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