An Imprint

We each of us leave an imprint on the people around us.

The people we touch are forever altered by the touches we mark them with.

You get to decide, my friend, the X you leave behind – that mark that says you were there.

Did you speak words of kindness, gentle whispers brushed lovingly across a beloved’s ear, or did you rail down criticisms and complaints shattering spirits and wrecking hearts?

Did your touch trail down your lover’s spine sending tingles of adoration and anticipation, or did you ball your fists and smash holes in the walls of a home lovingly built?

Do the people you’ve met gently cradle the memories built with you as treasures, or lock them into boxes in an attempt to forget them?

You’ve left your imprint, of this I guarantee, even if you were but a temporary visitor.

We can all think of kind words spoken by a stranger at just the time when we most needed them.

The woman in the grocery store who had to stop you and tell you what beautiful energy you have.

The elderly gentleman that thanked you for your beautiful smile and told you that you’d made his day.

The barista who asked how your day was only to have you burst into tears, and instead of acting shocked and embarrassed, asked if she could hug you.

The teenager who told you that you were easy to talk to.

The man, so touched by the safety you offered, commented in open amazement on how easy it was to open up and be vulnerable with you.

You choose the imprint you leave.

Choose carefully…

because X marks the spot that says you were there.


Your Trusted Friend ❤

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