Perceived Perceptions

So much time is devoted to attempting to view ourselves through the lens of other people’s perceptions, followed by hacking off pieces of ourselves to squeeze into a box we think others have ascribed to us.

We try to be what and who we believe others want us to be. Performing gymnastics to be some twisted version of ourselves.

To look like the characters in fashion, beauty, and fitness magazines and putting on a personality as we would a costume that we think we be most pleasing.

Guess what?

It’s our own fault when we find our wrists wrapped in chains. We’ve tied ourselves together, twisted up the knots, because of what we imagine someone else is thinking.

In reality, most people have so many of their own worries and fears running through their minds that they don’t have the mental space to be making assumptions about us, at least as much as we perceive that they do.

So, we’ve stressed and created anxiety as we’ve redefined ourselves and limited ourselves for nothing but our own guilt, fear, and crisis of identity.

The sooner we are able to root ourselves into our own truth the better.

Dig deep, friend, and take note of who lurks within.

This is the only person you should be presenting to the world.

Let her free.


Your Trusted Friend ❤

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