Lessons Through Pain

Once upon a time I went through a heart breaking breakup.

I felt myself splinter apart and I couldn’t see how the pieces of me would ever fit back together again.

The view of mascara stains on my pillow and the ache of misery in my belly that made me feel full to stuffed was something that I became accustomed to.

With time that pain dulled, but it offered a view of myself when I was raw and broke that allowed me to see into all the dark forgotten corners of myself.

The areas that I’d allowed someone else to occupy, the parts that I’d left ignored without tending for far too long, those spots I’d tucked away and camouflaged, dressed up and disguised. I also saw someone intelligent, interesting, and made with a core of titanium strength.

That deep look allowed me to see both the parts of myself that I didn’t like that required some work, and the parts that I loved and allowed myself to embrace.

The pain of this breakup became a part of me that prepared me for much worse things that came later.

It’s interesting, though, as I’ve experienced much more difficult things since this first heartbreak, but nothing has broken me quote like it.

Now I can be thankful for this pain, for it prepared me for what was to come and revealed to me the unique person that I carefully pieced back together after allowing myself that deep look within.

Friend, pain will eventually dull with time, but open your heart to it. Let it rip you to shreds, and when you’re completely naked to yourself take a long look.

Figure out who you are, and do it by yourself. Don’t ask anyone else to define you or to piece you back together.

We are all unique people with uniquely created pain, and this is your time to claim that for yourself.

Why in the world would I do that, you ask?

Because life will balance back again, and you will go through worse pain.

You’ll need this experience as absolutely necessary and it will become a part of you.

So, take a long look and, whether or not you like it, figure out who you are as a unique person without distracting yourself.

In your pain you have an opportunity to get to know yourself in a magical way. I know, I’ve been there.


Your Trusted Friend ❤

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