Not Good Enough

Friend, there are times we feel that we are inadequate in some capacity. I want you to know that you are not alone in this. When we compare ourselves to others we will, inevitably, feel not smart enough, not pretty enough, not successful enough…

Not good enough.

What a lie this is.

You friend, are always good enough.. you are more than good enough.

There is also danger in listening to the opinions and judgments of others. Words can also, like our own comparisons, leave us feeling not sexy enough, not feminine enough, not pretty enough…

Not good enough.

Again, what a lie this is.

There was a time when I was told that I wasn’t sexy, that I was just cute.

I allowed these words to matter. I allowed this feeling of inadequacy in my desirability to eat away at my self-worth… being ‘cute’ didn’t feel enough.

I didn’t feel enough.

So, friend, I did what any hard-working, logically minded woman would do. I studied the art of sex appeal by reading articles, by looking at images, by watching the women around me who had this quality that had eluded me.

Friend, I even watched exotic dancers and made very poor attempts to mimic them… turning on music while alone in my apartment and prancing around my living room.

I lost myself, friend. I lost myself trying to perfect my hair flip, by applying lip plumper, and trendy tight clothing. I lost myself in refining my hip sway, in the mastery of appearing elusive, and in the attempt to remain mysterious. All the things I thought would amplify my sex appeal.

I still didn’t feel enough, and I certainly didn’t feel like me.

Friend, I let one person’s opinion of me redirect my path and to allow me to think that I needed redefinition. My attempts were comedic.

Not only that, but I wasn’t being genuine and authentic. I was acting a part, and not even doing it particularly well.

The point is, friend, it should never have mattered what this one person thought of my appearance and lack of sex appeal. The only opinion that should have mattered was my own.

As soon as we find beauty, acceptance, self-worth, and self-love in who we are… JUST as we are, we won’t care what anyone thinks of us.

Do you know what else, friend? The right people will be attracted to this authentic version of ourselves and we will be enough…

and so much more.


Your Trusted Friend. ♥

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