You give so much of yourself, friend. It’s just how you love, I know.

I also know that, while you ask for nothing in return, you long to be seen. To have the things you do recognized and appreciated. For YOU to be seen recognized, and appreciated.

Sometimes we forget to see one another. It seems that it is always those closest to us that we take for granted. You, friend, have been taken for granted. You give so easily, so readily that those around you have inadvertently created an idea that that’s just want they should expect. That, perhaps, that is what they deserve.

Friend, the things that you offer are valued treasures. You don’t have to give them. Your time, your attention, your thoughtfulness, and your love are all gifts and treasures that should be appreciated and should never be expected.

Sometimes we forget to see the people around us as multifaceted individuals. Each person having their own joys and hurts, their own celebrations and demons. It is easy to stop looking for these things, and to allow the people around us to blur, becoming the backdrop of our lives – instead of the reason we live.

I am so sorry that you’ve become someone’s blur, as you were always meant for more than just the background. You are the bright star that lights up a dark sky.

Friend, if you ever feel unseen, forgotten, unappreciated, lost… please know that I see you and – please – don’t forget to see me, too.


Your Trusted Friend ♥

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