Friend, we often wait on all of the wrong things.

How often have you found yourself in a relationship where it’s based off of your hope of what will be, and not on what is?

You see the potential in this person before you, and so you wait for this potential to come to fruition.

You wait for things to get better, for things to improve, to receive the love you deserve, to live the life you desire.

These are not the things we should wait on, friend.

Don’t wait for someone to become different or to change.

Don’t sit in unhappiness, waiting for things to get better.

Don’t wait for the apology that may or may not come.

Don’t wait for restitution.

Don’t wait to feel loved, desired, or wanted.

Because before you know it, time will have gone by and all you’ll have done is waited for someone who was never worth this wait, and now that time is wasted and squandered on someone undeserving.

Don’t wait.

Free yourself from this waiting, and allow people into your life that have already arrived.

Instead, choose you. Live the life now that you want. Love yourself the way that you deserve, take the time to sit with yourself, and wait for the right things and people to enter into your space.

These are the things that we should wait on.

Wait for someone who truly takes the time to see and know you.

Wait for kindness and simple gestures.

Wait for someone who inspires you.

Wait for someone who has as much to give as you do.

Wait for someone who is genuine, honest and real.

Wait for someone who never leaves you in doubt or agony of your place.

Live your life, now, friend, doing and being all of the things that you desire, and ensure that those you invite with you on this journey are worthy of this time investment. These people should already embody those things you admire and desire, not just the potential of them.

When in wait it should never be about neglecting yourself in hopes of what another will accomplish, do, or become.

Choose you, friend.


Your Trusted Friend ❤

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