Shared Stories

It’s important to share our stories.

No matter where we are at,

or whatever it is we’re experiencing or going through,

we are never alone.

Our stories create bridges, showing others in the midst of chaos a way out.

Words have the ability to link and unite.

So often, though, people bite their tongues and swallow their words.

Afraid to share, fearful of vulnerability and judgment.

Sometimes assuming that their words won’t matter, they choke them back instead of sharing.

Once I let someone tell me that I shouldn’t share my words or tell my story, that some things are meant to be kept secret and private.

So, I silenced my voice and didn’t listen to my own inner knowing.

Someone else’s projections were permitted to taint and stifle me.

What it took me too long to recognize in the wake of this is that another person’s criticisms, judgments, and rash reactions are merely reflections of the other person’s inner world…

Of the work that they need to embark on and the choices that work in their life.

Not yours, and certainly not mine

Frequently the judgments of others have very little to do with us, and everything to do with whoever is doling them out.

So, tell your story, friend.

You, and only you, determine what words you give voice to and which you tuck away.

Please know that I, for one, have found solace and comfort in our shared stories.

As well as encouragement, a deeper understanding, a different view, and a new perspective.

Our words are our bridge, but we must be bold enough to share them and brave enough to reject the criticisms that may come as a result.

Your words, friend, could be the hand that helps someone out of the darkness,

but only if you give them life.


Your Trusted Friend ♥️

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