I’m Here

Recently I went through a heartbreak.

It was easy to feel sad and to want to cocoon myself within it, feeling that it was unending. The waves of grief in the initial onset of any type of hurt feel insurmountable and as though it is never going to end. It’s so hard to see through to the other side.

This is what our friends are for. We need to have a tribe around us. A few solid people that we can bare our souls, reveal all of our secrets and hurts to, knowing that we won’t be judged. Only supported.

Know, always friend, that I support you.

However, I want to encourage you to reach out to the people around you in an attempt to build solid foundational relationships. I cannot stress to you enough how vital this is.

There will be hurt and sadness, pain and grief, disappointment and disillusionment. It’s inevitable. These are the things that break us down and reveal to us just how strong we really are. To survive these difficult moments, though, we need people to lean on.

The above has been my message to my closest confidantes.

“I feel sad.”

There was freedom in expressing this reality, friend. I need people that I can be real with. A place that I can remove all the pretense and just be.

I encourage you, friend, to find these people. My person told me that I am a Phoenix. That I may feel the burning pain of disappointment and loss, but that I will rise from the ashes of heartbreak an even more beautiful soul; confident and full of hope at the limitless possibilities of the future in store for me.

We need these people who remind us of who we are and what the reality is outside of our pain. It is okay to be sad and to hurt. Feel all the feels. Lean into it and learn all the lessons.

Rely on the people around you for strength, and find your way out to the other side.

Friend, I will be there to hold your hand and raise the mirror to remind you of your potential.


Your trusted friend ♥

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