Broken Pieces

Friend, most of the time we’re merely broken people, stumbling around breaking other people.

We are careless with our words, our actions, and our deeds. Seldom taking notice of what matters, what is important, and what could make us whole until after we’ve destroyed it.

It is only then that we look back at those broken pieces in misery, questioning what if, and wishing that we’d done differently, done better.

Living takes a certain kind of courage that most fail to possess.

Not that moving through the motions, punching clocks, and window gazing kind of living, but the real stuff.

The stuff of forgotten legends never told, because real courage often goes unrecognized.

Real courage is when someone takes the time to be real and vulnerable, without fear of being seen as weak, or holding back for fear of rejection…

even though they are only broken pieces.

Friend, live courageously.

For my own brokenness, recognizes yours.

Show me the shattered edges, the cracks, the deformity.

Reveal to me the parts you fear and loath, and I will show you mine.

Fear keeps us small and hard, stumbling, resistant, unavailable, and disconnected.

Fear perpetuates the cycle of dischord and damage, holding us back from living courageously, holding us back from genuine connections, holding us back from being seen, accepted, recognized, and loved…

for all of our broken pieces.


Your Trusted Friend ❤

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