Believe and Wait

It is easy to lose faith in what we are capable of. To forget about the potential within us.

When we are young we believe that anything is possible, and we see the world as this bright, shiny place teeming with possibility.

So often young people can’t wait to grow up, so that they can grasp at all the dreams that are just bursting within them.

Dreams to pursue… such as a life with a successful career, traveling across the globe, abundant wealth and love.

These are some of things that I thought were possible when I was a young dreamer.

Sometimes, though, we lose sight of this young dreamer within us.

We get overwhelmed with the life of adulting, and find ourselves mindlessly going through the tasks of the day.

I have been forcibly reminded to live my life as an active participant through disappointments and heartbreak.

The universe has taken me by the shoulders, given me a good shake, and said – “You, friend, are made for more.”

I have so much gratitude for these lessons, and have such faith and belief that whatever is meant to be will come.

You just have to do two things.

Believe and wait.

First, believe that you are deserving of whatever it is you desire. Put this thought out into the universe.

I friend, believe that I am destined for magic.

This is the only word, for me, that derives just what it is that I am meant for. I have this deep sense that something magical is on its way to me.

Perhaps you believe you are meant for prestige and wealth, power and influence.

Whatever it is you want, believe – friend – that it is on it’s way to you.

Then – the second thing – wait for it.

Because it is.

If there is something you truly desire there is no way that you cannot create and manifest that into your life.

However, so often we get impatient as we wait for what it is that we desire that we end up settling for what we have right now – even though it isn’t right.

Even though it doesn’t quite fit, isn’t quite what we envisioned.

In the moment we convince ourselves that this good enough, or we fear that this is as good as it gets.

So, instead of leaving space for what we truly feel called for, we settle.

No, friend, if you desire magic, like me…

Wait for it.

And then, when magic finally arrives…

Enjoy it and believe that this is what you deserve.

Don’t question it, don’t second guess it, don’t doubt it.


Your Trusted Friend ❤

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