Letting Ourselves Down

There are many ways in which we can let ourselves down.

When we say yes, when we’d rather say no.

When other people’s feelings are placed ahead of our well-being.

When we silence our voice out of fear of how we will be perceived.

Most importantly, though, we let ourselves down when we fail to recognize our worth.

When we settle for less.

Perhaps part of why we settle for less then we deserve, is because we never get clear about what it is we really want.

Whether that is at work, our friendships, or our romances.

Maybe, though, we don’t ever really stop to consider all the details of what we really want.

Before you began your career, did you ever think about the kind of life that it would provide for you?

Meeting a new friend, did you stop to think if this would be someone you could call and rely on in a moment of crisis?

With a romantic partner, did you get clear about what it is your desire and what you want out of that partnership?

What do all of these things look like to you? How do you live and interact within all these facets of your life?

Have you thought about it, or have you just allowed things to happen to you?

Instead of actively living your life, have you passively let the tides take you where they may?

How about, from now on, you get clear about all the things you desire?

All of them.

What do you want to do every day when you go to work? Where do you want to live? What hobbies are going to occupy your time?

Most importantly, how do you want to be treated? How do you want to be loved and communicated with? How do you want people to respond to you when you have a disagreement?

There are so many little things that occupy our time, and many of those we just let happen to us instead of deciding what it is we really want.

So, friend, from now on, let’s not let ourselves down with our own passivity.

Let’s decide what we want, work for it and expect it.


Your Trusted Friend ❤

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