The Space Left Behind

Life changes.

Sometimes you rail against these changes,

denying them and fighting them.

Trying to bargain and trade to get back whatever it is you’ve lost.

I have found myself in this space.

Begging for second chances, swearing I’ll change myself to fit a mold and ideal of someone else.

Just so they’ll want me.

Love me.

Accept me.


Life changes.

Love is lost

Friends leave.

These people that became pieces of you decide to pack up and go elsewhere.

A space left behind that was once filled with them.

I’ve mourned these exits.

Shed tears and felt I’d never be whole again.

Only I filled, I grew, I evolved.

I became brand new.

These spaces that were vacated created space for new love and friends to come alongside me.

A me that is stronger, wiser, better.

More equipped to appreciate a love and friends that can join me on my journey and stay.

I don’t beg for people to stay anymore, nor do I attempt to morph and change to appear more pleasing.

These are things you lose yourself in.

That you that should, instead, be set free.

I don’t want to be lost, I want to be found.

Continually digging deeper and deeper into myself for a truer more authentic version of me and giving it the space to spring forth.

The love I invite waters this and rejoices.

The friends that walk beside me feed this and celebrate.

Constantly becoming stronger, wiser, and better in tandem.

Looking back I can clearly see why life needed to change, and why there was the space left behind by leave-taking because these are the things that brought me here.

Each life change awakened me further, bringing me closer to who I want to be and to the people that I desire to surround myself with.

The lessons taught by former friends and lovers have prepared me to meet people from a space of greater understanding and compassion…

as well as to deeply and unapologetically appreciate magic when discovered.


Your Trusted Friend ♥️

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