Meet Her

She’s strong and capable,

has built a life of which she’s proud.

She’s happy, loved, appreciated.

She feels like magic,

a unicorn in human skin.

A star resting on the earth.

If you wish to earn her,

You must meet her.

Find her soul, capture her there.

Not with grasping or pleading,

wooing or preening.

No, by being your own type of magic.

Strong and capable,

proud of the life you’ve built.

Happy, loved, appreciated.

A pegasus in man form.

A sun blazing in a darkened sky,

never threatened by the star.

She’s growing and blooming,

has invested in her worth.

There are times she feels she’s flying,

barely contained within her flesh.

If you wish to stay with her,

You must meet her.

Be her equal or surpass her

in your growing and your blooming,

your investment in your worth.

Take flight with her.

Never trying to contain or restrain,

but by loving with an open hand

and letting her stay free.

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