How You See the Glass

There are some people who no matter how much sunshine and rainbows you try to rain down upon them, will always see the potential impending doom and plan accordingly.

Perhaps these are the people that would fair best during a zombie apocalypse, for they have already thought through to the direst of outcomes and have stockpiled numerous resources so as not to be caught unawares?

These are people who have already visualized the outcome and are mentally and physically prepared for any eventuality.

See, this is me – looking at the positive of a situation. Looking at the possible benefit of someone being a Negative Nancy, or a Dooom-and-Gloomer.

Shakespeare says in Julius Caesar that; “Cowards die many times before their deaths, the valiant never taste of death but once.”

This is the true downfall of those that worry about what is to befall them, which is that ‘death’ happens many times.

By worrying about all the things that go wrong you suffer before it’s even necessary to do so, sometimes even bringing on that which you worry about upon yourself.

Like the time I went to an event all by myself, worrying that I wouldn’t connect, feel comfortable, or have the ability to enjoy myself.

I entered the event with this fear, so I felt disconnected, uncomfortable, and didn’t enjoy myself – creating and manifesting the very thing that I was afraid of.

Additionally, I demonstrated a lack of faith, trust, and confidence in myself by perceiving this solo adventure of mine through a negative lens.

I didn’t trust myself to make positive connections, to be able to attract like-minded people to me, to find comfort in the friends and companions that I’d inevitably run into.

It’s been a while since I mingled in a social setting that I arrived at solo. I was out of practice and let doubts and insecurity be the prominent voices in my head.

So, perhaps another element of having the ability to see a situation from a positive lens is having faith, trust, and confidence in yourself and your abilities?

And, also, a growth mindset – because, as humans, we will mess up. We will fall. We will fail.

Just like I did in my solo outing.

Even though I let my sense of disease run me off to retreat back home, I returned home with a really full heart – recognizing that, while I was uncomfortable, I am still loved and celebrated.

I may have felt disconnected – I wasn’t

My discomfiture didn’t make anyone think less of me, matter-of-fact, I was seen and understood without judgment.

Next time I arrive solo at an event I don’t think I’ll be knocked off balance quite so easily.


Your Trusted Friend ❤︎

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