The Power of Belief

When you believe something you become it.

Our beliefs are a source of immense power.

Beliefs are our guiding principles of life that provide both direction and meaning.

When we have experiences in life it is our beliefs that function as a filter for our perceptions of the world and provide color, they are our brain’s way of making sense of the world around us, and help us to navigate it.

If your belief is that you are unworthy, then your experience of mental, physical, or verbal abuse is filtered through that lens and is perceived as deserving.

I know, I’ve been there. I’ve believed myself to not be worthy and, as such, ended up in situations in which I was mentally and verbally abused because I perceived that I was deserving of it.

Our beliefs inform us and are, in essence, our command center that determines how we perceive what is happening to and around us. It is how we create meaning.

Beliefs originate from what we hear and keep hearing from others and ourselves.

So when my inner mean girl continually tells me that I am not enough this creates a belief system that taints my perception of my experiences.

Our beliefs, though, are not stagnate and can be changed and altered.

Since our beliefs originate from the stories we tell ourselves we can change our thoughts and thus become open and receptive to other information.

When we change our thoughts, we change our beliefs and behavior.

Our beliefs are truly powerful.

With the power of our mind, we can believe that a placebo is a miracle cure and make it so.

Every cell of our body is perfectly aware of our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

If the power of belief can cure ailments, think of the power it has over what you magnetize and attract?

Think of how you either empower or disempower yourself with your beliefs?

What we perceive, is what we will receive.

I believe this impacts so many aspects of our lives.

There are many irrational beliefs that can take root in our minds that result in self-sabatague.

Thoughts like;

All my friends are better than me.

I’m not good enough for this relationship.

There is no way I’d get that job.

These types of negative beliefs create a subconscious internal map that is used to navigate life.

A map created by limiting beliefs won’t get you very far, and certainly not where you want to go.

If we want to change this, we must change ourselves and how we think.

A good place to start is with those thoughts that we are repeating to ourselves and replacing them;

The people around me are a direct reflection of my beauty and potential.

I am more than enough for this relationship.

This job would be lucky to have me if it is for my greater good.

Beliefs need to change in order to result in a shift in perception and alter behavior.


Your Trusted Friend ❤︎

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