Almost and Just About

Photo by Fuu J on Unsplash

Stop settling, friend.

Stop settling for almost, just about, close enough, and what ifs.

Stop shoving your dreams, wishes, desires, and needs aside for something that leaves you yearning and desiring more.

For something that doesn’t quite scratch the itch because you’re afraid that this is all that there is.

Fear makes you settle for the almost, the just about, and good enough.

However, if you desire, crave, and want more…

Wait for it.

Wait for what lights you up and doesn’t leave you craving or desiring more.

Wait for what leaves you satisfied and complete.

How many times have you had an itch, only to scratch all around it with all of your energy and attention, only to miss the itch?

When you find it though, ohhhhh, the satisfaction.

Usually, too, you’ll find that scratching the actual itch doesn’t require as much effort as when you were scratching all around it.

Same goes for food.

How often have to had a craving for something, but settled for a quick snack instead?

Only to find yourself gazing in the refrigerator five minutes later still feeling hungry because you didn’t satisfy your original craving.

We can settle in so many ways.

In our intimate and romantic friendships, careers, homes, desires, and dreams.

Those, and so much more.

I cannot help but think that if you were born with a certain need or desire, that requires fulfillment in order to be in your most authentic space.

To be your most genuine self.

As you find yourself met in the ways you crave your needs and wants are satisfied without the effort and angst of trying to make something that isn’t quite right feel as such.

There are no mental gymnastics to talk yourself into something.

You’re just free to bloom, grow, and expand in the space and place that you were called to.

The place that you were meant to be.

Whether that is a relationship, career, or personal venture.

When you find your fit it feels free.

But first it requires you to not settle for almosts, and just abouts.


Your Trusted Friend ❤

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