And Cheesecake

When we first set out on a goal we are gung ho, overly enthusiastic and full of energy.

This is certainly true when we first pen our New Year’s Resolutions.

Setting out our goals and intentions for the year of all the things we wish to accomplish in the New Year.

Then life happens.

Perhaps we are wholly diverted off of our course, distracted by obligations, responsibilities, and … cheesecake.

You know, all the delicious parts of life.

Sometimes goals require reassessment in order to determine how realistic they are in the scheme of life and balance.

Additionally, goals should not be a deterrent from our intentions and how we want to move through life.

Goals focus on external accomplishments or finish lines.

They are a weight on the scale, a dollar amount in the bank, an accumulation of miles run.

Life can get in the way of goals.

When life gets in the way of external accomplishment we can beat ourselves up and feel our sense of worthiness at this implicit failure plummet.

It can be difficult to show ourselves grace.

Additionally, we can also prevent ourselves from enjoying and savoring the more delectable parts of life for fear of the negative stigma we attach to them.

Such as cheesecake.

Life is meant to be savored in all the little moments, and not denied or dismissed.

I’ve tied guilt to these moments, particularly if I’m working on a goal associated with my external appearance.

This is something I have worked to let go of as I have reevaluated my goals, as my worth isn’t attached to a number on the scale or to the size of jeans I’m able to fit into.

Moments, however, are temporary and meant to be enjoyed, savored, and treasured.

As important as goals are, they shouldn’t detract from our enjoyment of life or serve as a roadblock when life comes and sweeps us in an alternate direction.

Intentions, though, are about who we are and how we show up in the world.

Intentions can serve as an internal compass as we determine which goals we continue to value and which we need to let go of.

My intentions for this year have been peace, play, and connection.

  • Peace – to find peace prior to making important decisions or committing to something or someone. Find peace in my identity being fluid. Find peace in no fixed sense of direction, identity, or love.
  • Play – be unabashedly, unapologetically me. Be bold in stepping forward into what I want by initiating and claiming. Be courageous in initiating and holding my boundaries. Have fun and embark on fun that is healing, revitalizing, refreshing, and rewarding.
  • Connect – Attract what and who I need. The right people will bring peace. Trust that right people will come to me. Surround myself with healthy people and environments. Be open to connecting and receiving inspiration from people and world around me.

As I work towards goals, friend, I can evaluate if my goals bring me closer or further from living in alignment with my intentions.

Do my goals bring peace, play, and connection?

If they do, then I will continue to pursue said goal.

However, if they don’t, I may need to reevaluate if my goal needs to be abandoned or put on pause temporarily.

For me this has been particularly true in how I tackle my fitness goals. Often my fitness goals have been extremely restrictive. Not only with what I consume, but in the activities I permit myself to participate in.

This has limited how I show up in the world and has not always been in alignment with my intentions for this year.

So, as I have opportunities that bring me peace, play, and connection I choose to say yes.

I say yes when life brings me all the moments that are meant to be savored and enjoyed…

and the cheesecake.


Your Trusted Friend ❤︎

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