As we journey through life, we inevitably accumulate baggage.

These are the remnants of our experiences that we carry with us – regrets, mistakes, disappointments, and failures.

It’s an unavoidable side effect of a life lived.

While it’s natural to collect these things along the way, we mustn’t hold onto them for too long.

Just like an overstuffed closet or garage, we often keep our baggage tucked away, only to have it all come tumbling out when we finally open the door.

We do this to avoid making the same mistakes or getting hurt again, but in reality, holding onto our baggage only adds unnecessary weight to our lives.

So we stuff regret over a past decision away like it’s a precious trinket.

Tuck away words that were spoken in haste and anger so we can pull them out later in reminiscence.

Roll up our disappointments and failures, disillusionments and letdowns, placing them in the nooks and crannies of our minds.

It’s not easy to let go.

We feel like we need to hold onto our baggage, keep it close, and in order to never forget the lessons we’ve learned.

However, the truth is that we’re not meant to carry all this weight forever.

We can learn the lessons we need to learn and then let go.

So, dear friend, it’s time to put down that heavy burden you’ve been carrying.

Yes, you were hurt before, but you’ve also learned to trust yourself and your instincts. You’ve learned to set boundaries and hold space for yourself. You don’t need to carry that baggage with you anymore.

Letting go is not a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of strength. It takes courage to acknowledge that we don’t need to carry our baggage forever.

And when we do let go, we make room for new experiences, new growth, and new possibilities.

So, take a deep breath, put down that baggage, and let it go.


Your Trusted Friend ❤︎

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