It is so easy to get lost in comfort.

To let the ease of a person, situation, or place lure us into a false sense of security and distract us from what it is we really want, where it is we are really going.

You, friend, are worthy of your dreams, of the things you imagine and desire for yourself.

So often we allow ourselves to settle.

Be that into a relationship that, while okay, doesn’t feel quite right. A job that pays our bills, but isn’t personally satisfying. A house that is comfortable, but lacks a sense of home.

A place where we’ve been so long as to have placed roots, but isn’t where we we envisioned ourselves blooming…

before we got comfortable..

the comfortable that feels known, but that fits like a piece of clothing we’ve slightly outgrown. The comfortable that is a trap, instead of setting us free.

Don’t let the sense of alright, okay, mediocre, getting by living,

distract you from amazing, wonderful, splendiferous, intentional living.

Friend, don’t clip your own wings when you were meant to fly, which is precisely what you do when you settle.

When you allow yourself to get stuck in what is known, when you permit yourself to become stagnant. When you settle for what is in front of you, instead of pushing yourself to forge ahead and grasp for more.

Sometimes you will need to wait. So, wait when you need to wait, instead of settling for what is readily available and accessible.

Be decisive when required. Make decisions instead of living in limbo due to fear.

And sometimes you will need to say no.

You will need to say no to relationships which are not meant for you, even if they feel safe and comfortable.

You will need to say no to things that drain instead of recharging.

You will need to say no to protect your own space and time.

Also, you will need to be aware of situations which invite stagnation, so that you can constantly ensure perpetual growth.

Don’t settle, friend, don’t settle for mediocre mundane scraps.

You were meant for so much more.


Your Trusted Friend ❤

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