Forging Your Path

Photo by Casey Schwab

Are you living your life authentically, or are you following a prescribed route or path?

A map designed by and for someone else that has very little consideration for who you are.

So often there is an idea of who or what we are supposed to be that includes these boxes we are supposed to check and complete in order to be living life ‘correctly’.

These boxes can look like a myriad of things; going to college, getting a job, getting married, buying a house, and raising kids… Check, check, check, check, check…

and then what?

If you’re doing these things merely to check a box and not because you feel called to do so, you are not living authentically.

You are not living in alignment with your unique path and purpose.

Our lives are not meant to be prescribed to us and lived as if we are completing check-points in order to do it ‘correctly’.

Nor is there a predetermined ‘finish line’ one is supposed to cross in order to be a ‘winner’.

I’ve decided to toss out the check-list and erase the finish line and have, instead, decided to live my life as an emergence.

An unfolding.

A blossoming.

Choose which resonates the most with you friend, but the idea is the same.

Life is about the process of learning and of becoming.

Living our lives creating our own mold, map, and check-points.

My experience in this world is one in which is sized just for me.

Yours, friend, is one that is just for you.

An existence carved out explicitly in your image for only you to live and to occupy.

A life that isn’t lived by rote and doesn’t include a list of check-points or predetermined destinations to visit or see.

But one that is actively and continually chosen, created, and crafted.

A masterpiece by and for you.


Your Trusted Friend ❤︎

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