To Live

Let’s live.

So often we become robotic clock punchers.

Living our lives by routines and obligations.

All the things on our to-do lists become quiet bossy dictators of our time, and take over our minds with frantic worrying.

Let’s decide what we think.

Push the worries aside…

the pile of laundry or dishes that await, the paper that needs to be written, the grass that needs to be mowed…

whatever it is that is worrying decide, right now, to stop letting these things consume you.

Because you know what?

They’ll get done, and then you’ll have to start again.

These sorts of never-ending tasks, the never-ending ‘to-dos-, are not worthy of our worry.

They don’t deserve to take up that much space in our brains.

They don’t deserve to become a source of tension and argument within our relationships.

They don’t deserve to have our energy reserves and leave us fuming

Because it’ll all get done, and then we’ll have to start all over again.

So, for now, let’s live.


Your Trusted Friend ❤︎

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