Indicator Lights

New things are scary, are they not, friend?

It has been a learning process to not dread fear.

All of our emotions; fear, doubt, insecurity, excitement, love, jealousy, etc…

They can all serve a purpose.

Our emotions serve as our indicator lights.

They notify us to pause and to ‘take a look under the hood.’

When something has gone askew, when we need to tune into something and look deeper…


Indicator light.

This is an opportunity to delve deep and to ask yourself why.

What is this feeling revealing to me?

What is this feeling telling me?

Why did this feeling show up now?

What is it that I am responding to?

Why am I responding in this manner?

Our emotions are a gift to connect to the people around us, but – more importantly – provide us important indicators and ‘warning signs’ that it’s time to address something deeper within.

Often, however, we see our emotions as triggers and – instead of pausing to look under the hood and taking the opportunity to delve deeper – we become reactionary, defensive, and/or avoidant.

Fear can often prompt us to run.

Anger to erupt.

Jealousy to obsess.

Doubt to hold back.

Instead of letting these emotions control our behavior and impede our relationships, we can – instead – look at these feelings as an opportunity for self exploration and for deeper conversations.

An opportunity to look at the underlying issues and address them.

Why are your emotions activating and what are they trying to draw your attention to?

It’s time to take a look under the hood and find out.


Your Trusted Friend ❤️

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