Thought Distortion

In what ways have you held yourself back, friend?

Have you, like me, not given voice to what it is you really want?

Have you also been afraid to speak your desires because of fear and the stories you’ve told yourself?

So many times I can remember not speaking either what it was I wanted, what I felt, or established a necessary boundary out of fear and the thoughts running through my head.

What if he says no?

What if I come across as needy? clingy? Too interested?

What if she leaves or doesn’t agree with me?

What if I push them away?

What if I’m asking for too much?

These thoughts are distortions created by doubt, insecurity, and the stories I’ve told myself.

If I want something, I cannot be afraid to ask for it.

The very worst thing that can happen is that someone says no.

However, if I never ask I’ll never give the opportunity to someone to meet me.

It is okay to have needs, wants, and desires.

However, if you don’t voice these things – if you don’t let the people around you know what you want – you’re denying yourself of having your needs met. Additionally, you’re not giving a fair opportunity to the people around you to take care of you.

To meet you, to nurture you, to give to you –

or to stop and cease something that may be hurting or hindering you.

This is how I’ve let myself down, friend, by not voicing what I want.

By not reaching out to grasp and claim my own desires. I’ve let my fear have control, instead of controlling my fear.

This is a way in which I’ve held myself back and played victim.

I claim responsibility and release it.

It is time to commit to asking for what I want, speaking my needs, and drawing clear boundaries while ignoring the distortions caused by fears, insecurities, and the stories that have held me back.

It is time to ask in order to receive.

It’s never too much if it’s what you really want


Your Trusted Friend ❤️

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