Relationships can be minefields.

As every one of us is a unique individual, it can be difficult to truly understand the people around us; their views can be so drastically different from our own as to be incomprehensible.

This isn’t necessarily wrong or bad, it’s just that we’re standing and looking a different way, seeing a different perspective based on our unique history and experiences.

Sometimes, people are further along the path and know what’s coming around the corner when you do not.

I met someone who I instantly felt that I knew, it was a deep sense of “Hi, I know you,” and yet we were strangers.

This was a gift to meet someone and feel that deep connection so effortlessly.

With time, though, I recognize why he felt so familiar and known to me.

I knew him because I used to be him.

There were so many ways we could understand one another because some of our darkest trauma and trauma wounds were identical.

We were, however, in different places in our journal towards healing.

You see, much of my trauma had resulted in me becoming a co-dependent people pleaser.

I felt deeply afraid and unworthy of love so I would do everything I could to prove my worthiness, to prove how good and great and special and unique I am.

The proving wasn’t only for those I was wooing, it was for me too.

I see that now in the rearview mirror, the ways I desperately clung to situations that didn’t serve me because I thought if I could earn the love and approval of someone else, then that would mean I was lovable.

So, I knew him because I used to be him.

I saw the ways he yeared and reached for affirmation and emotional regulation outside of himself because those used to be the same places that I looked for validation.

The insecurities that arose in questions and comments…

“Why are you dressed up, is there someone you’re trying to impress?”

“I saw a look between you and so and so that seemed meaningful, is something going on between the two of you?”

“You feel different, what’s going on? Do you still like me?”

“I don’t think anyone here likes me.”

“No one understands me.”

“You don’t understand me.”

But you see, I do understand you because I used to be you.

I used to look outside of myself for validation, and attach it to whether or not someone else decided to choose me.

If you don’t love yourself and feel wholly worthy as you are, this is the evidence.

These are the landmines you’re planting in your relationships.

The doubts, the questioning, the need for validation, and for someone else to be responsible for your emotional regulation.

I know, because I used to plant them and then be surprised when they would erupt in my face.


Your Trusted Friend ❤️

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