My Body, My Palace

I have been working on my relationship with my body, and a part of that requires looking at the messaging that I have received that has helped to form that relationship in order to systematically confront and dismantle what isn’t serving me.

Growing up young girls start receiving comments on their bodies and the pressure to look or to appear a certain way.

There was a time in our youth that we played with wild abandonment, not carrying if our belly had roles when we sat or about the hair that grew between our eyebrows.

Other people at some point made us feel that these things (and so many more) were wrong, unattractive, and needed to be fixed.

Instead of being people, we became objects to be viewed.

Not only to be perceived by others, but we also started to view ourselves through the perceptions of others…

trying to see what the people around us saw in order to ensure we were the most visually pleasing version of ourselves that we could be.

Instead of living and playing and being, we started perceiving.

This often translated into telling ourselves we would be happy and content with ourselves IF….

if we fit into a certain size of clothing.
if our breasts were less saggy.
if we had fewer wrinkles.
if our body was smooth and hairless.
if our stomachs were flat.
if our cellulite were gone.

if, if, if…

so we start buying products, clothes, and creams, get procedures, and stuck with needles in search of that place where we will finally be happy and satisfied.

Perfectly pleasing, beautiful, and desirable.

There is nothing in need of fixing, except perhaps the relationships we have with ourselves and the way in which we view and carry out the relationship with our bodies…

as the home of our soul…

the thing that makes you, you.

Your Trusted Friend ❤︎

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