New Beginnings

How beautiful to be in a constant state of new beginnings.

Did you forget?

Did you forget that you get to go through the chrysalis stage again and again and again over the course of your life?

To change from one state to another just like the butterfly, albeit maybe not as visibly obvious.

The caterpillar, when it is full-grown, unbecomes inside a cocoon of silk, this stage lasting from a few weeks, a month, or even longer.

So much like our own pupa stages where we withdraw, go inward, and unbecome.

Releasing those things that are no longer for us, no longer resonant, or supportive as we transition from the caterpillar into the butterfly.

As we transform we can be thankful for all the old parts of us, for they – just as the original larva cells provide energy for the growing adult butterfly – fuel and inform the new person that we are becoming.

As uncomfortable, and sometimes painful as an unbecoming can be, we can celebrate what this will bring and foster in our future.

Our transition can bring a new purpose, future, and possibilities.

Just as the caterpillar’s primary purpose changes from that of eating and growing, to mating and laying eggs as we change our purpose changes.

Long-term transformation happens when you’re able to use your experiences as a resource for wisdom.

Our growth and evolution prepare us to do and be more.

It prepares us to be in community, build relationships and plant our own seeds.

The seeds of knowledge that have been fostered, and grown when we were just caterpillars.

Now, though, we have wings.

When you have wings, you are meant to fly.

Your Trusted Friend ❤︎

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